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Find the Freedom in Everyday

Floss and Jet has a love of Adventure, Escaping the Everyday & Catching the Next Wave, with a passion for looking at life through a different lense. We aim to bring you products that inspire you for your next adventure, bring joy to the everyday and remind you of your purpose.

Your Journey Matters

Every Explorer needs to balance everyday life with adventure. At Floss and Jet we believe in creating Balance and Flow in daily life. Our products have themes that encourage Self Care, breathing and meditation to keep the good energy flowing.

Restore, Re-use, Re-purpose

We are passionate about refreshing objects and materials in a new way, check out our beautiful re-purposed vintage oars. We also use Italian poplar wood from a sustainable source for our signs and natural coconut coir door mats. Many of our items are made to order ensuring we only use materials once an order has been placed reducing waste.

Our love of the colour Blue knows no ends

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